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Colorado Hospital System Says It Refuses Transplants to Unvaccinated Patients in “Almost All Situations”

A Colorado woman may be removed from the kidney transplant list for refusing the shot.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Law Ending Mandatory Minimums for Nonviolent Drug Offenders

The law will allow judges to use their discretion when sentencing nonviolent drug offenders.

Biden Reverses Trump-Era Gag Rule Restricting Funding to Clinics Who Make Abortion Referrals

"This rule is a step forward for family planning care as it aims to strengthen and restore our nation's Title X program," HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said.

Supreme Court Kicks Off New Term With Abortion, Guns, and Religion on the Docket

The Trump-packed Supreme Court could deal a blow to abortion rights and expand gun rights.

US Added Just 194,000 New Jobs in December Despite Kicking Millions of Unemployment Benefits

Cutting unemployment benefits for nearly 8 million people did not help job growth.

Biden Signs Bill to Back Victims of “Havana Syndrome,” Which May Not Even Be Real

A 2018 State Department report said the most likely cause was crickets, not microwave weapons.

Judge Temporarily Blocks Texas’ Near-Total Ban on Abortions But State Will Appeal

But abortions may not immediately resume as providers hope for a permanent decision.

Democrats Accept Mitch McConnell’s Offer to Punt Debt Crisis Until December

Democrats avert debt default -- at least for two more months.

Controversial Pro-Trump NY Police Union Chief Resigns After FBI Raids His Office and Home

Ed Mullins is under investigation by the FBI and the public corruption unit at the Manhattan US attorney's office.

Biden Says Changing Filibuster Rule to Raise Debt Limit a “Real Possibility” With Time Running Out

Democrats are racing the clock and say there's not enough time for budget reconciliation.