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Far-Right Troll Jacob Wohl Faked Death Threats to Himself, Reported Them to Police

Jacob Wohl, who made up sexual allegations against Bob Mueller and was banned by the SEC, made blatantly false reports to the police.

Senate Rebukes Trump With Vote to End Support for Saudi Arabia’s War in Yemen

Seven Republican senators joined Democrats to rebuke Trump over support for Saudi Arabia.

Michael Cohen Reveals Emails He Says Show Trump Illegally Dangled Pardon in His Case

Michael Cohen testified to Congress that Trump dangled a pardon before Cohen agreed to cooperate with federal investigators.

Numerous Advertisers Drop Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro Over Offensive Remarks

Pirro questioned Muslims' loyalty to America while Carlson made denigrating comments about women, Muslims, gay people, and black people.

Far-Right Coast Guard Officer Labeled ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Is Not Facing Terrorism Charges

Right-wing domestic extremists rarely get charged with terrorism despite displaying all of the hallmarks of terrorism.

Felicity Huffman Raided by FBI Agents With Guns Drawn in College Admissions Bribery Scheme

Millions in bribes were paid to officials and coaches to get rich kids into top colleges, prosecutors say.

What Will Happen When Mueller Drops His Report?

What will happen when Mueller drops his report?

Beto Heads To Iowa Ahead of Likely Presidential Run Announcement

Beto O'Rourke will head to Iowa this Saturday amid widespread anticipation of a likely announcement of his 2020 presidential bid.

Catholic Officials Demand SNL Apologize for Joke Comparing Church Sex Abuse to R. Kelly

"If you support the Catholic church, isn’t that like the same thing as being an R. Kelly fan?" SNL's Pete Davidson asked.

Facebook Deletes Elizabeth Warren Ads Criticizing Company, Restores Them After Backlash

Elizabeth Warren says Facebook proved her point by deleting ads calling to break up the company.