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Rhode Island School District Sics Debt Collectors on Families Over Unpaid Lunches

Parents who don't pay would be reported to national credit agencies.

Top Candidates Turn Down Trump Chief of Staff Job

Nick Ayers didn't just turn down the job, he announced he's leaving the administration.

Theresa May Pulls Plug on Brexit Vote to Avoid Major Loss

Theresa May cancels Brexit vote amid 'widespread concern' over Northern Ireland backstop.

John Kelly No Longer Speaking With Trump, Expected to Resign: CNN

Trump is expected to replace John Kelly with Mike Pence chief of staff Nick Ayers.

Kevin Hart Steps Down as Oscars Host Over Homophobic Tweets

Kevin Hart refused to apologize, then got fired, then apologized.

Trump Reveals He Has 87-Page Response to Bob Muller’s Russia Probe Report

President Donald Trump is ready to respond to a report that hasn't been published yet.

Ecuador President: Julian Assange Can Leave Embassy After UK Provides Guarantees

Ecuador's president has long wanted to get rid of Assange.

Trump Reportedly Considering Dumping Mike Pence From 2020 Ticket

Trump's advisers believe Pence does not help him politically.

1,000+ Ballots Possibly Destroyed in NC House Race GOP Won by 900 Votes

Evidence of fraud in North Carolina race mounts amid calls for new election.

Ocasio-Cortez Vows to Pay Interns ‘At Least’ $15 Per Hour, Unlike 96% of Dems

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vowed to pay her interns, which less than 4 percent of House Democrats do.