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Michael Avenatti Arrested in Nike Extortion Plot, Charged in 2 Different Federal Probes

Avenatti faces up to 100 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Democrats Say Impeachment Is Still On The Table

Trump may have escaped any criminal charges from Mueller's probe, but impeachment is still on the table as far as many Democrats are concerned.

Barr's Memo To Congress Raises Many Questions For Future Investigators

Barr’s summary raises more questions about Mueller's report than it answers

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Surges to 3rd Place in Iowa Primary Poll, Ahead of Warren, Harris, and Beto

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a 37-year-old openly gay Afghanistan war veteran, is in third place after polling at 0% in January.

Dr. Dre Brags Daughter Got Into USC ‘All On Her Own,’ Gets Called Out For $70M Donation

Turns out Dr. Dre's daughter may have had $70 million worth of help.

Trump’s AG: Mueller Found No Collusion With Russia, ‘Does Not Exonerate Him’ on Obstruction

Attorney General Bill Barr said Mueller found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia but stopped short of exonerating him on obstruction of justice.

Conservative Moms Launch Petition to Ban Kit Kat Ad for Reminding Them of ‘Male Genitalia’

Conservative moms clutch their pearls over "tasteless" Kit Kat ad featuring Missy Elliott song.

‘It Hurt So Bad’: Teachers Hurt After Cops Shoot Them ‘Execution Style’ With Airsoft Guns in Drill

Sheriff's deputies fired large BBs at teachers during an active shooter drill because lawmakers have decided that's better than passing gun control laws.

2020 Democrats Are Staying Away From AIPAC Conference Headlined by Israeli PM

2020 Dems are skipping AIPAC conference after Israel's indicted PM allies himself with racist far-right party and condemns Arab Israeli citizens.

Trump’s Acting Defense Secretary, A Former Boeing Exec, Under Investigation For Corruption

Patrick Shanahan is under investigation for allegedly using his position to boost Boeing while disparaging their competitors.