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Ex-Client: Michael Avenatti Operated His Law Firm Like a ‘Ponzi Scheme’

Experts say Michael Avenatti could be disbarred if the complaint is true.

Trump, Whose Top Lawyer is a Covington Grad, Invites MAGA Teens to White House

Sarah Sanders said the visit may take place after the shutdown.

Chris Cuomo Wants Kamala Harris to Prove She Was Born in US Over New ‘Birther’ Conspiracy

The CNN host amplified one of the stupidest conspiracy theories on Twitter to millions.

Senate Dems Laugh at Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham’s New Clinton Email Probe

Lindsey Graham announced that the committee will probe the Clinton email server investigation and the FBI's probe into Trump aides.

Republican Introduces Bill That Would Fund Trump’s Border Wall by Taxing Porn

The bill would require all electronic devices to include porn blockers and would make it a crime to deactivate them without permission.

Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Transgender Military Ban to Go Into Effect

The court did not rule on the case but will allow lower courts to settle its merits.

New Secret Missile Base Discovered in North Korea Ahead of Second Trump-Kim Summit

Watchdog group reveals as many as 20 secret undisclosed sites ahead of new Trump-Kim summit.

New Study Shows 26 Richest Billionaires Have as Much Wealth as Poorest 3.8 Billion People

The study's authors warned that reform requires significant tax overhauls, which could result in massive gains for the majority of the world population.

Unpaid FBI Employees Relying on Food Banks as Shutdown Enters 5th Week

More than 35,000 FBI employees have been forced to work without pay for the last month.

ICE Tried to Deport an American-Born Marine Veteran

It's unclear why ICE never verified his citizenship information or his veteran status or why they targeted him in the first place.