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China Retaliates Over Houston Eviction By Seizing US Consulate

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Jul 27, 2020 1:30PM

Tensions continue to rise after the US accused China of spying.

Countries That Beat Back The Coronavirus Are Now Setting Record Highs

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Jul 27, 2020 12:30PM

Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong have all set new daily highs in the past week.

DOJ, DHS Inspectors General Launch Investigations Into Federal Deployment in Portland and DC

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Jul 24, 2020 3:30PM

Watchdogs to probe the deployment to cities and the use of force by federal officers.

Judge Orders Michael Cohen Released, Says Imprisonment Was “Retaliation” Over Tell-All Book

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Jul 24, 2020 2:30PM

“In 21 years of being a judge...I have never seen such a clause," the judge said.

Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Defense Bill That Would Require Bases to Drop Confederate Names

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Jul 24, 2020 1:30PM

Trump threatened to veto the bill even though it includes a pay raise for troops.

Protesters Outside of McConnell’s House Chant “Mitch Better Have My Money” Ahead of Relief Vote

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Jul 23, 2020 2:30PM

Republicans are expected to drastically slash unemployment benefits.

House Votes to Remove Confederate Statues From Capitol, 113 Republicans Oppose

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Jul 23, 2020 1:30PM

Mitch McConnell is not expected to let the bill come to a vote in the Senate.

Trump Announces “Surge” of Federal Officers to Fight Crime in Chicago, Albuquerque

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Jul 23, 2020 12:30PM

More than 200 federal officers will be deployed.

Big City Mayors Threaten to Kick Officers Out If Trump Deploys More Feds Over Protests

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Jul 22, 2020 2:30PM

Mayors are threatening to sue if Trump expands federal force from Portland to other cities.

Chinese Consulate in Houston Burns Files After US Evicts Them in “Unprecedented Escalation”

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Jul 22, 2020 1:30PM

The State Department said it closed the consulate in “order to protect American intellectual property and Americans' private information.”