Trump Has Deported Far Fewer People Than Obama Did During Any 2 Years of His Presidency

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Dec 24, 2018 2:00PM

Obama deported more than 3 million people in 8 years while Trump has deported under 500,000 in 2 years.

Chris Rock Under Fire For Letting Louis CK Use N-Word in 2011 HBO Video

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Dec 24, 2018 1:19PM

The clip is from the 2011 HBO special "Talking Funny."

Trump Forces Mattis Out 2 Months Early Over Negative Media Coverage of His Resignation

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Dec 24, 2018 12:03PM

The president did not realize how negative Mattis' resignation letter was because he didn't read it.

GoFundMe to ‘Buy Ladders’ Takes Off In Response to Campaign to Fund Trump’s Wall

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Dec 21, 2018 2:03PM

The campaign raised nearly $80,000 in less than one day.

Stephen Miller Sports Fake Hair For CBS Interview, Ditches It For CNN Interview

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Dec 21, 2018 1:52PM

The Trump aide has aged dramatically in 72 hours.

James Mattis Quits Over Syria, Rebukes Trump in Scathing Resignation Letter

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Dec 21, 2018 12:34PM

The Defense Secretary made it clear he strongly disagrees with the president.

NC GOP Uses Dirty Trick to Keep Illegal Gerrymander Alive for 2020 Elections

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Dec 20, 2018 2:55PM

Republicans know the gerrymander will lose in court, but they want to delay redrawing the map until after 2020.

Trump’s AG Pick Sent DOJ Unsolicited Memo Bashing Mueller Probe

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Dec 20, 2018 1:35PM

William Barr has repeatedly criticized Mueller and called for a probe into the Clintons.

GoFundMe Campaign Raises $4 Million of $1 Billion Goal to Fund Trump’s Border Wall in 4 Days

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Dec 20, 2018 12:22PM

A GoFundMe campaign is trying to raise money for the wall Trump said Mexico would pay for.

Facebook Let Big Companies See Your Private Messages, Gave 150+ Firms Personal Info

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Dec 19, 2018 2:49PM

Facebook did not let users know it was sharing the contents of their messages and other personal info.