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Florida Man Taken Into Custody as New Bombs Target Cory Booker, James Clapper

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Oct 26, 2018 11:55AM

A Florida man was arrested in connection to 12 packages containing explosives devices sent to prominent Democrats and Trump critics.

Chuck Grassley Refers Michael Avenatti, Kavanaugh Accuser for Criminal Investigation

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Oct 25, 2018 3:13PM

Julie Swetnick and Michael Avenatti were referred to the DOJ by Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley over potentially false statements.

Megyn Kelly Forced Out at NBC Days After 'Blackface' Controversy

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Oct 25, 2018 1:11PM

Megyn Kelly is out at NBC just 48 hours after her "blackface" comments, but will still get paid the entirety of her $69 million contract.

Trump Blames Media for Stirring 'Anger' As New Bombs Target Joe Biden, Robert De Niro, Dems

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Oct 25, 2018 12:33PM

President Donald Trump tweets that a "very big part of the Anger we see today in our society is caused by the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the Mainstream Media."

GOP Governor Candidates Embrace Anti-Vaxxer Skepticism

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Oct 24, 2018 2:08PM

At least three Republican gubernatorial candidates have made anti-vaccine skepticism part of their campaigns.

Megyn Kelly Faces Boycott After Comments About Wearing 'Blackface' on Halloween

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Oct 24, 2018 1:24PM

Megyn Kelly issued an emotional on-air apology after being criticized by her own co-hosts for defending blackface costumes.

Active Bombs Sent to Obama, Hillary, CNN, Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Oct 24, 2018 12:42PM

Active explosives were sent to the homes of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as to ex-CIA Director John Brennan at the CNN headquarters.

Trump Says Migrant Caravan Has 'Unknown Middle Easterners' Without Evidence

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Oct 23, 2018 2:52PM

President Donald Trump and his administration claim to have evidence of criminals and "unknown Middle Easterners" in the migrant caravan marching to the US border.

Trump Draws Criticism for Declaring Himself a 'Nationalist'

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Oct 23, 2018 2:20PM

President Donald Trump called himself a "nationalist" for the first time during a rally in Texas for Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

New Poll: Majority of Republicans Support Bernie Sanders 'Medicare for All' Plan

  • TrigTent Staff
  • Oct 23, 2018 1:20PM

More than half of Republicans and over 70 percent of Americans back a "Medicare-for-All" plan backed by 120 Democrats in Congress.