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Joe Biden Approves Plan to Redeploy Hundreds of US Troops to Somalia

Biden reverses Trump's withdrawal from war-torn African nation.

Oklahoma Passes Bill Banning Abortion From Moment of “Fertilization”

The bill is the strictest abortion ban in the nation.

Senate Approves $40 Billion in Ukraine Aid After Rand Paul Delay But 11 Republicans Oppose

The new aid brings the total amount of US aid since the Russian invasion to $54 billion.

Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Ramp Up Supply of Baby Formula Amid Shortage

The House also passed bills to expand access for low-income Americans and boost FDA funding.

Biden Resists Ukrainian Calls for Long-Range Rocket Launchers Over Fears They Will Escalate Conflict

Biden administration reportedly worries that the weapons could be used to fire missiles into Russia.

First Russian Soldier Pleads Guilty to Ukraine War Crimes

The soldier faces 10 years to life after admitting to killing an elderly man on a bicycle.

Democratic Voters Reject “Manchin-Sinema Wing” in Key Pennsylvania, Oregon Primaries

Centrists Conor Lamb and Kurt Schrader got shellacked despite big money support.

Elon Musk Says Twitter Deal “Cannot Move Forward” Unless CEO Hands Over Data on Bots

Musk claimed Twitter is “20% fake/spam accounts” and suggested the company misled the SEC in its filing.

Sweden Joins Finland in Approving NATO Bid After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Russia warned that the move would be a "grave mistake."

Ukraine Appears to Have Won the “Battle of Kharkiv” as Russian Troops Withdraw From 2nd Largest City

“Step by step,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, “we are forcing the occupants to leave the Ukrainian land.”