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Dear Senate Republicans, Trump Will Betray Our Allies Again

  • Sean Culleton
  • Oct 19, 2019 12:26PM

Senate Republicans are waking up to the realities of having Trump as their Commander in Chief

Ohio Democratic Debate Recap

  • Sean Culleton
  • Oct 16, 2019 3:20PM

Despite low expectation, shifts in the dynamics at the top of the field led to a lively debate with breakout moments for several candidates

It Is Not Ellen's Place To Make Nice With George Bush For Liberals

  • Sean Culleton
  • Oct 13, 2019 1:02AM

Ellen's attempt to heal the partisan divide failed because of who she is, not because of who George Bush is.

As Warren Receives the Frontrunner Treatment, Democrats Need to Be Able to Forgive

  • Sean Culleton
  • Oct 11, 2019 5:39PM

As enthusiasm for Warren's campaign comes with more intense scrutiny, Democrats need to be prepared to forgive the gaffes but be on guard for dubious portrayals of her past. 

Is Nepotism Always Wrong?

  • Sean Culleton
  • Oct 6, 2019 10:21PM

When is nepotism ok and when is it not ok? Is it ok in Biden’s case but not in Trump’s case? Why?

Impeachment Will Not Hurt Trump's 2020 Election Chances

  • Sean Culleton
  • Oct 5, 2019 4:50PM

impeachment will not necessarily hurt Trump’s 2020 election chances because he can still run for president and win whether or not the Senate convicts him.

Sanders' Supporters Should Be Ready To Support Yang, Not Warren

  • Sean Culleton
  • Oct 4, 2019 3:17PM

If worst comes to worst and Sanders has to drop out of the race, Warren is currently the default backup choice for many Sanders supporters, but they should take another look at Yang.

If Impeachment Happens, How Much Shame Do Republicans Deserve?

  • Sean Culleton
  • Sep 28, 2019 10:43PM

As impeachment moves forward, Democrats will have to decide how to treat Republicans who jump off of the Trump train. Should the defectors be punished or forgiven?

What Yang's Rise And Harris' Fall In The Polls Means For The Democrats

  • Sean Culleton
  • Sep 22, 2019 11:28AM

Yang's message of forgiveness is a more hopeful vision of race relations in America than Harris' outrage.

Are Leftist Protesters Becoming More Violent Than The Right?

  • Sean Culleton
  • Sep 15, 2019 11:20AM

If the Left is not careful, the violent reactionary extremists on their side of the political divide may soon become more of a problem at demonstrations than violent right-wing extremists.