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What Does it Mean to be a "Free Thinker" When Algorithms Control Your Beliefs?

  • Sean Culleton
  • Jun 16, 2019 11:25AM

Hijacking our cognitive liberty isn't just effective, it's hugely profitable. 

Andrew Yang is Right to Worry About Automation. So Why Isn't He Winning?

  • Sean Culleton
  • Jun 15, 2019 10:25AM

Yang's uphill battle doesn't just lie in usual newbie name recognition -- his diagnosis of the country's problems and solutions are still both unfamiliar to most Americans. 

To Impeach or Not to Impeach? That is the Wrong Question.

  • Sean Culleton
  • May 11, 2019 11:19AM

In the broad scheme of things, the impeachment debate is a distraction, just like the Mueller report was.

Joe Biden is Proof That #MeToo Isn't Just About Sexual Harassment

  • Sean Culleton
  • Apr 13, 2019 11:45AM

While stories about the most abusive kinds of behavior have generally captured the headlines since the beginning of #MeToo, the Joe Biden controversy represents a genuine need to have a broader discussion about consent -- one that isn't merely sexual. 

Does Political Convention Even Matter Anymore in Post-Mueller America?

  • Sean Culleton
  • Apr 6, 2019 10:41AM

Some see the erosion of political norms as nothing more than the inevitable death of a naive politics of civility -- others see it as the death of politics itself. 

Bernie Sanders Probably Won't Win the 2020 Democratic Nomination. Here's Why.

  • Sean Culleton
  • Mar 16, 2019 10:38AM

Sanders's role in reviving left-wing policies in the Democratic Party is undeniable. But that success may be his undoing in 2020.  

Electability or Ideology: What is the Winning Strategy for Democrats in 2020?

  • Sean Culleton
  • Feb 23, 2019 12:15PM

Amidst an early but growing pool of 2020 Democratic candidates, one thing is certain -- there's no clear leader that checks all the boxes. 

Does Hypocrisy Even Matter Anymore?

  • Sean Culleton
  • Feb 9, 2019 11:56AM

As a tool of political argument, hypocrisy's overuse has rendered it impotent against its targets. 

Whataboutism: How the Right Uses Collective Guilt to Defend Trump

  • Sean Culleton
  • Jan 6, 2019 10:24AM

Whataboutism is a favorite tool of President Trump and his supporters, but it does not have to become a mainstream element of political discourse if we are prepared to assert our personal commitment to truth as individuals.

Many Democrats Believe Mueller is Their Best Hope for Deposing Trump. They are Wrong.

  • Sean Culleton
  • Dec 16, 2018 10:41AM

There is no reason to believe that the Mueller investigation removing Trump from office would mean an automatic political victory for Democrats.