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Republican Hypocrisy Is Killing The Party

The current level of hypocrisy on the right will lead to the downfall of the GOP if it does not correct course soon, especially when it comes to states' rights arguments.

The NYT Picks A Fight With the Word 'Simp'

Unpacking the mainstream media's latest foray into an internet culture they fundamentally don't understand.

Why Tammy Duckworth is Biden's Best Possible Pick for VP

Senator Duckworth's unique experience and background satisfy numerous criteria that both centrist Democrats and progressives want in a Vice President.

Trump Could Be the First President to Lose Reelection Without a Serious Challenger From His Party

George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Gerald Ford all faced significant challengers in their failed bids for a second term.

Trump Is Not Much Like Nixon After All

Trump has been compared to Nixon often, but the comparison is flawed and gives few predictive insights about how the 2020 election will turn out.

It's Not Just Liberals: Conservatives Also Have Good Reasons for Abolishing the Police

Small government Republicans and libertarians have good reasons to support abolishing the police. And their arguments for doing so might be as good or better than the left's arguments.

The Georgia Primary Only Added to Concerns That the Presidential Election Will Be A Catastrophe

The Georgia Primary is the third election this year to be declared a disaster. What does this mean for November's presidential election?

The Left and Right are Both Wrong About Mail-In Ballots

The fight over voter fraud has entirely eclipsed a much more pressing issue: user error.

Antifa's Tactics are Hurting the Goals of Progressive Social Movements

Antifa's commitment to violence is largely out of step with movements like BLM and the George Floyd protests and it's doing real harm to the cause.

Why We Must Choose Peaceful Protest, Even When it Feels Impossible

Though there are many clear obstacles to peace, the success of the broader social justice movement depends on it.