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Chris Wallace Was the Real Loser of Last Night's Debate

Though he certainly doesn't deserve all of the blame for last night's train wreck, it's clear that Chris Wallace was woefully unprepared to deal with the president.

Understanding the Illusions of the American Information Landscape

There is a perfectly logical reason why the American public is inundated with distracting and ineffectual scandals by the media.

Bob Woodward's Recordings Will Be Forgotten and Have No Impact On Trump Ahead of the Election

As bad as they are, the latest revelations that Trump lied to the public about the dangers of the coronavirus beginning in the early days of the global pandemic will not damage his candidacy in the general election this Fall.

Contemporary Leftists Are Not as Radical as the 1960s... Yet

Today’s leftists are nowhere near as radicalized as the leftists of the 60s and 70s. But if Trump continues to crack down on peaceful protests, the left could become more radical within a few years.

The RNC Convention Was More Aesthetically Effective Than The DNC Convention

Liberals wasted no time criticizing the RNC convention, but in many ways, it was a more effective piece of propaganda than their own convention was.

Why This Election's DNC Roll Call Was Especially Important

The roll call not only displayed a more broad and diverse cross-section of American life than in elections past, it also illustrated the continuing gains made by those on the political Left.

A Vaccine Before The Election Will Not Save Trump

A vaccine won't save Trump from what he doesn't understand about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Barr's 'October Surprise' Will Be The Least Surprising One Yet

So much is already known about Barr's "October Surprise" that it calls into question the nature of October Surprises: they are more like orchestrated plans than spontaneous scandals.

Biden Picking Kamala Harris for VP Now Seems All But Inevitable

A safe, if boring, choice for VP is no surprise from the Biden campaign, in a race that is viewed as his not to lose.

Forget the Polls. Trump Could Still Win Re-Election By Following His Classic Playbook.

By appealing to hypernationalism, demonizing his enemies, and capitalizing on GOP voter suppression, Trump could still turn the tide of this election.