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Sam Mire is a freelance writer with a niche in current global and domestic events as well as technology. He has penned self and ghost-written pieces published in USA Today, Western Journalism, Tampa Bay Times, Tallahassee Democrat, and Sunshine State News. A graduate of the University of South Florida, he has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism. Sam covers both domestic American politics and US foreign policy for TrigTent.

Published Content

The Debate Over Education-Based Reparations, Decoded

This proposal is not only grievance-based hardball, it is fraught with dozens of inconsistencies and half-cooked details that make it far from ready to enact.

According to a Recent Report, Millennials are Screwed

A recent Bloomberg report found that about a third of Americans aged 18 to 34 are living at home. One of every three millennials is living with their parents.

Alex Jones' Custody Trial Is The Most Surreal Thing Ever

While we expected conspiracy theories, the trial has also veered into marijuana, sexual prowess, and the memory-altering effects of chili.

Failure of the $100B Green Climate Fund is Unsurprising

The premise of the GCF goes against logic. It also goes against what we know about the leadership in most of these countries.

Berkeley Sides with Antifa, Not Free Speech

The perpetrators of violence and enemies of democracy win again, without even a slap on the wrist from law enforcement or local officials.

Is YouTube De-Funding Content To Help The MSM?

De-funding is about crowding out those who take up the most eyeballs while simultaneously draining the earning power of those who refute the ideology of the traditional media powers.

Gorsuch Is The Perfect Replacement For Justice Scalia

Neil Gorsuch is qualified, measured in his approach, and is above political influence as much as a justice can prove to be.

Nike's Transparent Trans-Pacific Pathos

Nike needs to cut all the equality crap and tell us the real reason they are suddenly social activists: they want their cheap labor to be even cheaper.

"Nos Amis": A Documentary, And The Paris Terrorist Attacks

The saying ‘Never Forget’ carries different meanings.

This Is What A Real Travel Ban Looks Like

Does mass outrage lose its effect if it is cloaked in hypocrisy? Yes, it does.