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GOP Delayed Their Vote On Heathcare: Here's Why

There is nothing in the Better Care Reconciliation Act that can be considered an improvement over the Affordable Care Act- and Republicans know it.

A Three-Party System Is A Pipe Dream (For Now)

America’s political system is a mess. You might think this is just the latest example of a liberal suddenly...

The Death of Philando Castile: An Error of Impunity

Here are the facts. On July 6, 2016, at approximately 9:05 PM CDT, Philando Castile was driving through the...

Call The Alexandria Shooting What It Is: Terrorism

Stop pretending this is a "liberal" thing or a "conservative" thing in order to score political points and call the Alexandria shooting what it is- terrorism.

The Sessions Hearing Was Predictably Unproductive

Democrats can only point to misleading or inaccurate statements about Russian interference, meanwhile, Sessions refuses questions and the GOP lobs softballs.

Chelsea Clinton's Opinions Are Not News

Chelsea Clinton is free to criticize Megyn Kelly for interviewing Alex Jones but her opinions about news are not news itself.

Should Democrats Embrace Obstructionism?

If Democrats can find common ground with the GOP on legislation (such as Trump’s infrastructure plan), they would do well to work with those across the aisle.

The Real Reason Trump Isn't Passing Any Legislation

Sorry conservatives, Donald Trump is playing you. No matter what he tells you, his interests will always take priority over yours.

Do Liberals Still Need Bill Maher?

Yes, Bill Maher apologized for his recent racial slur. But his brand of smug condescension isn't doing liberals any favors. We don't need him anymore.

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