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Stop Celebrating John McCain’s Cancer Diagnosis

You don't have to agree with the man politically, but gloating about his illness is reprehensible.

BCRA Is Dead, But Obamacare Repeal Is Not

The GOP has pulled yet another healthcare bill, but it won't slow down their pointless war on Obamacare.

Trump: "I've Done In 5 Months What Others Haven't In Years"

Trump claimed recently that there wasn't a thing his administration wasn't doing well in. Let's take a look at the specifics.

Net Neutrality: The Free Market Won’t Save You

Free-market capitalism only works if the consumer has a choice of whether or not to purchase a good or service, but when it comes to the internet, there really is no choice.

King: Cut Planned Parenthood To Fund Border Wall

According to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), finding the funds for Donald Trump's border wall is as easy as cutting Planned Parenthood and Welfare programs.

Donald Trump Jr. Emails Add To Collusion Narrative

Coming out only 30 minutes ahead of a New York Times piece, Donald Trump Jr.'s emails seem to confirm at least part of the collusion narrative.

Omar Khadr: A Complex Narrative

Reasonable people can (and likely will) disagree that this settlement is justified, but no two ways about it: Omar Khadr went through hell.

The Problem With The Constant Russia ‘Stories’

We need to stop latching onto the constant drip of Trump-Russia news as though quantity is somehow a substitute for quality in terms of evidence.

Once Again, Trump Is Inconsistent On Russia

Trump's speech in Poland was a confusing mess of contradictory and inconsistent statements that still leave many questions about his true stance on Russia.

Trump Muslim Ban Reinstated, But Still Ineffective

Trump may have a temporary legal win, but his policy on Muslim immigrants and refugees is as defective as ever.