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Arkansas To Block Medicaid Funding To Planned Parenthood

Conservatives don’t seem to mind government intrusion all that much — as long as they’re “winning.”

Charlottesville: Trump Gave The Alt-Right What They Wanted

Trump's refusal to stop pandering to the alt-right shows that he will sink to any level to be the most liked person in the room.

Charlottesville: Don't Be So Quick To Dismiss Violence

Just because both of these sides are engaged in violence does not mean they are on the same ground morally.

'Skills Gap' Leading To High Level Of Unfilled American Jobs

Despite Trump's populist rhetoric about China, Mexico, and immigrants stealing US jobs, more than ever are available. Skills are what Americans are lacking.

A Few Of Trump's Under-Reported Scandals Thus Far

While Trump is on vacation, let's take a look at some of the scandals that flew under the radar- before the list continues to grow again.

Trump's Immigration Plan: RAISE Act or RACE Act?

Expertly disguised though it may be, the ethno-nationalist bent of this legislation is a clear indicator of the ultimate goal of the Trump administration: Make America White Again.

It's Time To Admit Trump Has No Real Foreign Policy Plan

Trump’s overvaluation of gut instinct above all else does not make him a clever outsider — it makes him reckless, foolhardy and easily outmaneuvered in geopolitical affairs.

John Delaney: Another Sign Dems Don't Know How To Win

John Delaney's 2020 presidential bid is a sign that establishment politics still own the Democratic party, and it won't win them any love with voters.

GOP Healthcare: Here We Go Again

The GOP is stuck; leaving Obamacare would prove it’s not nearly as bad as they pretend it is but repealing it means that, no matter how they try to spin it, Republicans will own the fallout.

Kushner Testimony: Incompetence Is Not An Excuse

There are two possible explanations for Kushner's behavior, neither of which should give the American people confidence about his role in the White House.