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Single-Payer: Leftist Dems Are No Longer Being Ignored

Though single-payer isn’t a viable option right now, Senator Harris’ endorsement signals an important development: the leftist wing of the Democratic party is no longer being ignored.

Explained: The Problem With Trump's Tax Reform Policies

Make no mistake: any Trump-sponsored tax reform is going to be a grift of massive proportions.

Police Militarization: This Is Not War, We Are Not Combatants

Americans view crime through the lens of war, and police officers are the last line of defense. Suddenly, suspects are no longer members of the community—they’re enemy combatants.

Theatre Pulls 'Gone With The Wind' For "Racial Insensitivity"

Some stories take place in distasteful universes, but that doesn’t mean those stories are not worth telling.

Dems Send Out Bizarre New 'Trump Empty Promises' Emails

Yet another out of touch Democratic tactic that proves they have no policy and no plan.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Does Not Deserve A Pardon

Arpaio is attempting to frame his conviction as an overzealous justice system running roughshod over his rights as Maricopa County Sheriff, but that’s not what took place.

With McConnell On The Outs, Dems Could Stand To Benefit

According to reports, Trump and McConnell haven't spoken in weeks; if the Democrats were smart, they'd seize their advantage and try to get Trump's ear.

Breitbart Falls For The Old Spoofed Email Trick

Breitbart editor Alex Marlow appeared to think he was talking to Stephen Bannon, and the details of the email exchange were revealing.

Steve Bannon Ousted Early In Wake Of Charlottesville

Make no mistake: Steve Bannon’s influence in the White House has not waned since his departure — if anything, it’s as strong as ever.

The Battle For The Future Of The American Left

At some point, leftists and liberals will need to find some common ground; otherwise, the Trump administration is just the beginning.