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Graham-Cassidy: The GOP’s Worst Effort Yet

Graham-Cassidy is a legislative version of Lindsey Graham’s political career: it tries to serve as many masters as possible, only to disappoint most of them.

Sean Spicer Hasn't Changed Just Because He Made Some Jokes

Sean Spicer’s appearance at Sunday night’s Emmy awards was funny, but still problematic.

What Does Bernie’s Medicare For All Bill Mean?

We may not see Sanders’ bill ever come to fruition, but there’s a better-than-average chance that a more moderate bill will get through.

ESPN Took The Easy Way Out On Jemele Hill Controversy

ESPN could have defended Hill’s right to her beliefs; instead, they slunk away from a fight worth having.

The Impossible Standard Of Ideological Purity Tests

As the saying goes, slow motion is better than no motion. Let's not let perfect be the enemy of good.

No, This Isn't The 'Trump Pivot' We've Been Promised

This is about getting praise, the cooperation between Democrats and Trump we are seeing will extend no further than that.

Verrit: What The Hell Is Hillary Thinking?

This strain of liberalism champions progressive values when it is convenient, but has no qualms about abandoning them in favor of self-preservation. And Hillary Clinton is the face of it.

Why Is Donald Trump Ending DACA?

The economic benefits of DACA are clear; what’s even more apparent is the damage the Trump administration will do to our economy by rescinding it.

Harriet Tubman May Not Be On The 20 After All

There are distasteful elements of this country’s past, and while the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting you have one, acknowledgment that’s not followed by action is ultimately meaningless.

David Clarke: The Next Unsurprising Addition To Team Trump

Trump loves to place himself in the company of traditional power figures like police officers and military generals, believing that he will be viewed as powerful by association.