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George Soros: A Favorite Scapegoat Of The Right

If the right’s ideas of the left’s intentions for the future of this country are bricks, someone like George Soros is the mortar.

Jeff Flake Isn't A Hero, He's Playing It Safe

If Flake were actually interested in stemming the tide of Trumpism, he wouldn’t have voted in near-lockstep with Trump’s policy proposals.

Trump’s New Obamacare Approach: Cut Its Legs Out

Trump can dress it up all he wants, but his executive order is little more than a thinly-veiled attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

Voter ID Laws Are Not About Vote Integrity

Trump says voter fraud is a massive problem in the United States, and we need to do something about it. Unfortunately, no legitimate data backs this up.

The Fallacy Of Identity Politics

Donald Trump won the election on the backs of what he called “The Silent Majority.” But without identity politics, that majority may never have come into existence.

Stop Abusing The Term “Fake News”

Trump and his supporters can claim “fake news” all they want, but in all likelihood, a Secretary of State referred to his boss and the President as a “ fucking moron .”

Vegas Shooting: The Rush To Politicize A Tragedy

Last night’s events did not take place in a vacuum. They took place in a highly-charged and volatile political environment.

Roy Moore Is A Terrible Choice For Senate

Roy Moore is the physical manifestation of the attitudes and goals long suspected to be held by many congressional Republicans but to which they rarely — if ever — admit.

Kneeling For The Anthem Is Not Disrespecting The Flag

Craven submission to authority is not a sign of patriotism. Dissent is.

GOP Hypocrisy On Healthcare Is Astounding

The GOP’s hypocrisy on health care is not only reckless and purely politically-motivated — it is nothing short of criminal.