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Obama, Trump, And The New Normal Of Presidential Elections

It is no longer enough to elect “more of the same,” even if “the same” is a successful presidency. Not when the opportunity presents itself to put someone in office who will really shake things up.

The Term 'Fake News' Will Ruin Us. Here's Why.

The weaponization of the term “fake news” is Trump’s effort to place his finger on the scale of public opinion, to reject reality and instead reorder things however they may suit him best.

Is Healthcare A Privilege Or A Right?

The position that healthcare is a privilege is one that only is taken by those who are in no danger of ever going without it.

Fake News Trophy, And Donald Trump's 'Unfair' Treatment

Trump’s tantrums stem from the general public’s disinclination to throw him a parade for whatever “accomplishment” he thinks should be celebrated.

The GOP Tax Bills Are A Disaster. Here's Why.

Like almost everything that’s come before it, the Republican tax bills are rooted in the idea of trickle-down economics.

The Hypocrisy Of Project Veritas And James O'Keefe

That anyone still believes Project Veritas has any allegiance to the truth or that James O’Keefe is a serious journalist with serious ideas beggars belief.

Al Franken & Roy Moore: A Sexual Goofus & Gallant

While the accusations against Franken and Moore are both terrible, the incidents themselves and the men's responses to them couldn't be more different.

How The GOP Tax Bill Will Undermine Obamacare

Repealing the individual mandate is a gross abdication of duty towards one’s constituents for no other reason than to protect the financial interests of the donor class.

No, Mass Shootings Aren’t Only Committed By Democrats

Even though the overwhelming majority of entries on this list are inaccurate, unsubstantiated, or outright lies, the list itself is beside the point.

Antifa Press Release Hoax Triggers Right-Wing Twitter

Ahead of Antifa's planned November 4th protest, a wave of social media hoaxes about the event is causing mass hysteria on the political right.