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Census Citizenship Question: Arguments From Opponents And The Administration

The 2020 census citizenship question has become the subject of hot debate recently. Here's what both the administration and opponents of the question are saying.

Weinstein Company Declares Bankruptcy, NDA's Will Be Ended

After the Weinstein Company declared bankruptcy this week after failing to find a buyer, the public also learned that it would be ending its nondisclosure agreements with Weinstein's victims.

Alabama Sheriff Pockets Over $750K Meant To Feed Inmates reports that Todd Entrekin, Etowah County Sheriff has personally profited over $750K in funds over three years meant to feed inmates in the county jail.

Why The Stormy Daniels Story Matters

Although the story seemingly pales in comparison to some of the larger scandals plaguing the Trump investigation, there is a clear legal case of wrongdoing in the Stormy Daniels saga.

Charlottesville Victims Sue 'Unite The Right' Organizers

The lawsuit, Sines v. Kessler , alleges that the Charlottesville attack was intended by Unite the Right organizers.

The Case Against Trump's Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

Trump's tariffs not only punish allies more than intended targets like China, they will negatively affect a hist of American industries and workers far bigger than American steel.

Lies And Misdirection: The Right’s Assault On Planned Parenthood

Donald Trump's presidency has been a huge win for anti-Planned Parenthood groups, allowing advocacy groups to directly influence his policy.

Mulvaney Gutting Agency That Protects Consumers From Financial Crime

Mick Mulvaney, like many of Trump's cabinet appointees, is more concerned with destroying the agency he was put in charge of than running it.

Starting Senate Immigration Debate From Scratch Is Pointless

The immigration debate is already notoriously unfocused and confusing. Starting from scratch 5 days before a Senate recess is unlikely to produce results.