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Burn the Flag, Lose Citizenship or Go to Jail

Someone needs to put a kiddie web-blocker on Donald’s phone.

Merkel: Trolls and Fake News Could Influence Upcoming Election

With right-wing groups taking advantage of digital marketing, they’re gaining popularity in the polls.

#Pizzagate: Fake News, or Real Life Child Trafficking?

Reddit and 4chan users say they have uncovered an elite child-trafficking ring following a Wikileaks email releases.

The First 100 Days Of Donald: First Orders From The President-Elect

Whether you love him or hate him, Trump’s planning to shake up America like a martini in a James Bond flick.

Trump Spokesperson Cites WW2 Internment Camps ‘Precedent’ For Muslim Plans

I’m all for securing our homeland as much as the next guy, but it’s starting to sound a little World War 3 up in here.

Europe is Falling, And The Alt-Right Is Rising

Millions of refugees? Check. Terrorism? Yup. Are France and Germany carrying the load? Absolutely.

Gays Will Be Prosecuted For Having Sex If This Supreme Court Justice Pick Has His Way

Billy Pryor isn’t your ordinary conservative-leaning, “family values first” kind of guy – he’s an infamous homophobic Southerner.

The Chinese Trade War: What's At Stake?

Do you remember the story about your dad diligently working away to assemble iPhones in order to put food on the table? Neither do I.

Trump VS. LGBT Rights: The Side You Haven't Heard

Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump is now President of the Free World – and the gay community is crying rivers that would put the Mississippi to shame.