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China Returns Seized US Drone: Claim They Weren't Stealing It

Relax everybody. China didn’t steal an American drone in international waters – they merely were borrowing it for a little while.

Trump Says He Will Move The US Embassy to Jerusalem

If Trump follows through with the relocation of the embassy, Muslims on a global scale would be furious.


Regardless of the victor, at the end of it all, every Syrian citizen has ultimately lost the war.

Trump Promises to Help Silicon Valley in Tech Meeting

If Donald Trump can sit in a room full of people who openly opposed his presidency and change their opinions of him, perhaps there is hope for us yet.

What's The Point Of The Electoral College System?

Only considering individual votes would be the most democratic thing to do. However, areas with smaller populations wouldn’t get the shaft.

Trump's $1 Trillion Plan to Rebuild Infrastructure: Who's Funding It?

Trump’s plan might placate the rich, but I haven’t seen anyone else come up with a plan to rebuild America’s failing infrastructure in my lifetime.

The US Will Collapse, Says Futurist Who Predicted Fall of USSR

Johan Galtung claims that the United States as a global superpower will fall into fascism and eventually collapse under the leadership of Donald Trump.

Heartbeat: Ohio Passes Bill To Ban Abortions 6 Weeks After Conception

If Heartbeat passes, it looks like we’re going to be painting Ohio black.

Trump Talks With Taiwan: A New Precedent For Relations With China?

Maybe it’s time to stop biting the hand that has fed you for all of these years before we have you butchered.

Trump Leaves Business To Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Hopefully, Trump cuts ties and doesn’t use his newly-given Executive powers for personal gain.