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Too Old for this Sh*t: A First-Hand View of Modern College

I hope that the fragile freshmen and shatterable sophomores brought their earmuffs because I intend to trigger the living hell out of them for the rest of my time on campus.

China Claims They Will Make It To Mars By 2020

China has money to burn, and a desperate need to catch up to other world powers.

The Rise Of China, And Why They're Buying Western Real-Estate

Western influence may be able to curb the power grab of the Chinese state, but there is no real way to stop its citizens from inflating urban real estate markets through outlandish spending.

Ceasefire In Aleppo? What Will It Take For Lasting Commitments?

Despite the efforts of Russia and Turkey, the conflict still continues. It doesn’t appear that the insurgency in Syria is going to give up anytime soon, despite their officials claiming peace was brokered.

Evan McMullin Says Republicans Have a Racism Problem

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have a non-homogeneous society comprised of 320 million people that experience true equality for all.

The US National Debt: Can it Be Balanced, or Will The USD Crumble?

The United States has the largest debt in the world – the largest debt burden held by any civilization in human history, as a matter of fact.

Red vs. Blue: How America Ended Up With a Two-Party System

Unless a major event occurs within the nation that will compel Americans to demand real change, the DNC and GOP will continue to run the country.

The US Constitution: Why It is So Difficult to Amend

The next time an outspoken person appears on national television in favor of easing Article V, question their intentions and motives.

Tom Arnold Claims He Has A Tape Of Trump Saying Horrible Things

The dwindled star of a comedian that is Tom Arnold claims that he has access to outtakes from the TV show The Apprentice, in which Donald Trump is allegedly saying some pretty horrible things.

O’Reilly: Left Wants Power Taken From The White Establishment

Everybody knows that Bill O’Reilly has been thinking it for all of these years, it’s just hard to believe that he actually stuck his white foot in his old mouth on a major network.