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Nigel Lokai is the editor of TrigTent, as well as an occasional writer for the site. He is a political junkie, avid reader, and voracious consumer of news, always looking for new and interesting ways to think about important issues. Nigel also co-hosts two of TrigTent’s original podcasts, “Triggered,” and “Off The Rails.”

Published Content

Why We Don't Need a 'Category 6' Hurricane Classification

Upping the category would be more about selling fear and getting attention than it is about fixing the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Trump Hollywood Star Destroyed Again, AMAZINGLY He Is Still President

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. But if people haven't figured out by now that this shit doesn't work, they deserve it.

United Bloodies Passenger On Overbooked Flight

Is United Airlines trying to start a boycott?

Pride T.O. Might Lose City Funding Over Police Ban

A motion has been put forward to have Pride Toronto denied city funding as a result of their decision to exclude Toronto Police from this year’s festivities.

Why I Am Still A Believer In Pro-Choice

Abortion is topic rife with strong convictions- one that is worthy of much more discussion than the “pro-...

Kellyanne Conway Puts Feet On A Couch, Now It's A News Story

Yes, that's right. People are actually freaking out about this. A photo surfaced of Kellyanne Conway...

Ivanka's "Lustful Glances" At Trudeau Has Twitter Blowing Up

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Donald Trump on Monday, and it seems like for the most part the media care as much as what was said about policy as they do about handshakes and possible stolen glances .

No Police Floats At Toronto's Pride Celebration This Year

Whether they realize it or not, banning police from the pride parade won’t do anything to further the social mobility of the members of the BLMTO movement.