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May's 'Transition Period' Is A Betrayal of Brexit

May’s speech signified that her plan for Brexit involved a number of key issues; each of which was a direct volte-face against why 17.4 million people voted leave.

Anti-EU AfD Party Gains 12% Of Vote In German Elections

The party did not even exist five years ago, but is now a major worry for Merkel, the EU, and any European parties that promote an open-door migration policy.

The Brexit Conundrum: To Pay, Or Not To Pay?

The European Union is stressing in all Parliamentary meetings that to extricate itself from the treaties, Britain must pay an exit bill, which has been “calculated” at around 100 billion Euros.

North Korea Once Again Shows Contempt For The Entire World

Quite what North Korea is planning next is unknown, but Kim has the world’s attention, what he does with it should be of concern to all nations.

Why The Establishment Attack Britain's 'Great Repeal' Bill

The British establishment is using fear of sweeping legislative powers to discredit Brexiteers; but that's far from the case. This would put power back in the hands of British citizens.

Housing And Job Discrimination Claims Take Aim At Brexiteers

Organizations like the3million and the UK Labour Party believe they have collected evidence of rampant anti-EU discrimination- but there's more to the story.

Miss America Questions Take Aim At President Trump

While the competition has always had a mild political edge, this year's questions were posed to make any dissension seem ludicrous and illogical.

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