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Another Blow To Brexit: No Hard Border For Ireland

How is the UK to manage border security if checks cannot be made when entering British territory?

Protests And Counter Protests Planned For Trump U.K. Visit

After an online petition was started that requested signatures to ban Trump from the U.K. in an official capacity, marches both for and against the idea have been planned.

A Dedicated Army Was Always Part Of The EU Plan

Although the idea has been derided as "pure fantasy" by EU proponents, this is something anti-EU activists and politicians have been warning about for years.

EU Free Movement of People And The UK's Housing Shortage

Both the Tory and Labour governments claim that immigration has nothing to do with the UK's housing crisis - here's why that's wrong.

The Potency Of Brexit Is Being Attacked On All Fronts

Not only is the government uninterested in leaving the EU, there is active opposition from present and former politicians working behind the scenes to ensure that Britain remains.

Direct Democracy: The Only Way To Break The Political Cartels?

A voting public capable of advising, submitting ideas on policy, and taking a direct role in the nation's choices would only work with the use of technology.

Was Virginia Really A Revolt Against Trump?

It is difficult to see the logic behind what is essentially a 5-1 electoral loss (since Trump) for the Democrats being a major positive.

Poll: Trump Voters Want Him In Office, Even If Collusion Is True

79% of Trump voters say he should remain in office even if collusion with Russia were proven. It's worth noting that at least 75% of these voters think the collusion story is “fake news.”

What 'Forced Migrant Quotas' Mean For The EU

Europe is in the throes of demanding the EU stop its relentless push of “forced migration” and “ever closer union.”

Anti-Brexit Hospitality Industry Fears Losing Cheap Labor

Companies who presently employ foreign staff over British staff argue they will “find it impossible” to replace workers who may leave after Brexit.