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May Uses Anti-Brexit Points Against Scottish Referendum

If the UK referendum was about taking back decision-making power from a larger body whose interests clash with those of the state, then so too is the Scottish case.

Going Dutch? What Wilders' Loss Means For Europe

The Dutch center’s swing to the right has shown victory over extremism may involve some problematic compromises.

Rebels in Powdered Wigs: The Unlikely Brexit Opposition

This is the level of surrealism that has been attained: the Archbishop of Canterbury is among those who are being lambasted as rogue elements in the UK government.

Referendum: Brexit's Effect On Scotland And Northern Ireland

if Theresa May can’t find a way to make Scotland and Northern Ireland feel like their voices are heard, there may hardly be a Britain to go back to once Brexit is over.

Rinkeby: How Riots In Sweden Were Stripped Of Their Context

It is perhaps not a post-fact world that we should fear, but a post-context world.

Riots In France Don't Mean Le Pen Has The Election

Moreover, she is faced with a challenge that neither one of her playground buddies had to face: an anti-establishment candidate from the left who is just as deft at grabbing his own headlines.

Migrants, Refugees and the EU: An Explanation

Politics is perception, and if a threat is perceived, it may be of little consequence that the threat is highly unlikely.

Donald Trump and the Appeasement Threat

We fear that we’re looking at the sun rising over a new Reich and we’re watching as heads of state stand idly by and allow it to happen.

Old Blood: Will Europe Fight its Demons?

I have learned that American influence is a tricky thing, often ambivalent in the best of times.

Mourning Has Broken: Where Women go from the DC March

To make a March into a Movement is a challenge, perhaps a larger one than we have seen in recent memory.