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Racism And Corruption Are Alive And Well In D.C.

  • Kristina Evans
  • Nov 15, 2016 4:07PM

If you’re not terrified of Trump’s new White House appointments, you should be.

Sanders Save Us All

  • Kristina Evans
  • Nov 11, 2016 12:15PM

Oh, to imagine what could have been.

Why Popularity Should Matter

  • Kristina Evans
  • Nov 10, 2016 11:44AM

Hillary Clinton is joining an exclusive list that baffles many people: she won the most votes across the country, but lost the presidency.

Final Countdown: Don’t Be Scared

  • Kristina Evans
  • Nov 8, 2016 10:47AM

It’s been an entertaining and downright depressing two years of campaigning, but we’re almost finished.