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The Gender Wage Gap Is Alive And Well In Hollywood

We are still living in a world where even stars like Jennifer Lawrence make substantially less than their male co-stars.

European Court Gives Legal Precedent To Anti-Vaxxers

The ECJ set a dangerous legal precedent, accepting circumstantial evidence in place of scientific evidence linking vaccines to a case of Multiple Sclerosis.

Backlash Over Ivanka's Chinese-Made Products Goes Viral

For a woman who wants to stay out of politics and step back from business, Ivanka Trump seems to profit nicely from her role in the White House.

Missouri's SB-5 Is A Nightmare For Pro-Choice Women

The Bill overturns protections aginst discrimination in housing and employment even for women just using birth control.

The Cosby Verdict: "America's Dad" Case Ends in Mistrial

The trial of Bill Cosby, the actor and comedian known as “America’s Dad”, ended in a mistrial last Saturday...

Should Churches Have To Pay Taxes?

These leaders and institutions don’t play by the same rules as everyone else. Help the communities without an agenda, and cough up the same amount of money in taxes as the rest of the population

Ontario Government Announces $15/Hour Minimum Wage By 2019

Announcing legislation without a proper impact-benefit analysis seems a bit hasty, it appears that Wynne is trying to figure out the best ways to get people to like her again.

ISIS-Backed Militants Gain Ground In The Philippines

While Islamist groups have been active in the area between the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia for years, this last attack has been hailed as the most aggressive attack on government troops by ISIS-loyal fighters.

There Are Two Sides To Our Obsession With Airline News

Are airlines really becoming that emboldened and disrespectful to customers? Or are customers simply finding better avenues to air their grievances?

"Women-Only" Wonder Woman Screening Causes Outrage

It’s not that men aren’t allowed to celebrate this, it’s just that women finally have a chance to live out some superhero dreams that involve us .