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As China Leads Green Energy, It No Longer Wants Our Garbage

Though China has been the global climate-change whipping-boy for some time, they are quickly becoming a leader in green energy - and they are cutting back on accepting our waste.

Jemele Hill’s Suspension Is Not About Politics

Once Hill started tweeting about ESPN’s livelihood, she got benched. In reality, this is about the all-mighty dollar.

Utah Police Arrest Nurse For Following Hospital Policy

The Utah police department is making changes after video footage went viral of their officers wrongfully arresting a nurse for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient.

Harvey: If You Want To Help, Don't Give To The Red Cross

They do provide immediate assistance, but at this point with weather and flood conditions, the chances of the victims seeing this help are slim to none.

Treasury Secretary's Wife Goes On Instagram Rant

In a crystalline example of an “I’m not mad, you’re mad” response to backlash, Linton revealed just how immature and out of touch she is.

Politicians Among Latest Victims In Duterte's Drug War

A late-night raid in the southern Philippines resulted in the deaths of 15 people, including the mayor of Ozamiz City after Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s accused the mayor of drug crimes.

Migrant Crisis: We're Losing Grip On The Human Element

Amidst all the politicking and partisan blaming we have lost sight of the fact that these are people.

Animal Rights Activists Kill Thousands Of Minks

Burglars, presumed to be animal rights activists by investigators, cut the fence to a mink-pelt farm and opened the cages holding the animals- releasing them into the wild.

Arkansas Abortion Bill Puts Crazy Requirements On Women

Bill 1566 is just one of the slew of fetal burial bills that are aimed at making abortion inaccessible to women.

Trump Administration Defund Teen Pregnancy Programs

Once again we're back to the notoriously ineffective nonsense that is abstinence-only sex education.