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Top Michigan Health Official Indicted In Flint Water Deaths

Someone may finally be going to jail for allowing tainted water to kill 12 people and make at least 90 others ill in Flint, Michigan.

Work 'Slavery,' Poor Conditions Spark Nationwide Prison Strike

Prisoners fed up with deplorable conditions and forced labor are planning protests in at least 17 states.

Report: Fines For Corporate Crime Have Dropped Steeply Under Trump

President Trump likes to boast that he is tough on crime, but his administration's crackdown on illegal activity does not seem to apply to corporate wrongdoers.

What Could Go Wrong? Trump Wants To Sell More Weapons To Foreign Governments

President Trump's proposal to allow increased firearms exports is threatening to make the world even more violent.

Elizabeth Warren Sponsors Bill Demanding 'New Deal' In American Capitalism

The Massachusetts Democrat, a leader of the progressive movement, is sponsoring a bill called the Accountable Capitalism Act.

Opioid Fentanyl Used For the First Time To Execute US Prisoner

Fentanyl, a substance synonymous with America's opioid crisis, was among drugs used by Nebraska prison personnel to execute an inmate on Tuesday.

DefCon Hackers Demonstrate Vulnerabilities Of US Voting Machines

The relative ease with which the equipment was manipulated is ramping up fears that the country's voting systems may be compromised.

Documents Reveal Voter Fraud Commission's Dishonest Quest To Prove The Untrue

Thousands of documents revealing the group's devious efforts surfaced after The American Oversight organization filed a lawsuit to obtain the records.

QAnon: The Latest Viral Conspiracy Theory Targeted To Trump Supporters

"Q" who claims to be a high-level government operative with security clearances, echoes Trump's claim that a “deep state” of liberals is in charge of the federal bureaucracy.

Tribune-Sinclair Merger Breaks Down, $1 Billion Lawsuit Now In The Works

Tribune's decision to terminate its acquisition by Sinclair Broadcast Group was met with cheers by activists concerned about media consolidation.