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Ayanna Pressley Wins Landslide Primary Upset In Massachusettes

Another long-time establishment Democrat has lost a primary election to a progressive challenger.

'Deepfakes' Are Coming. Few Are Convinced Big Tech Is On Top Of It.

Experts are rightfully concerned about the implications of deepfakes on political discourse and the voting public's ability to assess what is real.

Undocumented Immigrants Pay Taxes, Just Like Everyone Else

The Trump administration believes that undocumented immigrants are a financial drain on America; the evidence shows that isn't true.

The White House 'War on Weed' Ignores Marijuana's Benefits

The Trump administration is demonizing marijuana in an attempt to stop the growing legalization movement.

Brett Kavanaugh Has A History Of Siding With Corporate Interests

“The most eye-catching conclusion from reviewing Judge Kavanaugh's opinions on the appellate court is the consistency of the outcomes compared to the inconsistency of his reasoning,” said Public Citizen's Robert Weissman.

Sanders Applauds DNC Vote To Reform Superdelegate System

Widely criticized as a major reason his 2016 presidential bid was unsuccessful, Bernie Sanders praised a DNC vote to change the superdelegate system.

New US Drone Base In Niger Will Cost More Than $280 Million By 2024

The $100 million construction price is only a fraction of what it will cost to operate the facility, and the $280 million estimate omits several factors.

US Once Again Accused Of 'Aiding And Abetting' War Crimes In Yemen

A recent airstrike on a school bus in Yemen that killed 40 children and 11 adults is a reminder that the U.S. is still selling weapons to Saudi-led coalition forces.

Despite What Trump Says, The Coal Industry Is Not Back

The coal industry has been on an irreversible decline for years because better and cheaper technology is rapidly becoming available.

Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To 8 Criminal Charges, Implicates Trump

Cohen pleaded guilty to eight criminal counts involving tax evasion, lying to a financial institution, making an “unlawful corporate contribution” and issuing an “excessive campaign contribution.”