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NRA Accused of Pressuring Officials to Allow Guns in Schools

The National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups allegedly influenced the federal government's recent decision to let public schools buy firearms with taxpayer money.

There's a Growing List of Countries Attempting to Hack US Elections

Russia is just one of the many global threats to the US election process.

Environmental Agency Suggests 'A Little Radiation May Be Healthy'

The dismantling of health and safety regulations under Trump's administration will change the way radiation exposure is governed at the expense of people's health.

Russian Official Linked to Trump Tower Meeting Dies Mysteriously

A deputy prosecutor general who oversaw the activities of a Kremlin operative who met with Trump is dead - leaving the question: who did it?

House Republicans Quietly Green-Light New $3 Trillion Round of Tax Cuts

With almost all headline news dedicated to the Kavanaugh hearings, Friday's tax cut bill was passed by House Republicans with relatively little fanfare.

Airports Submitting Passengers to Facial-Recognition Scans

The effectiveness of facial recognition technology within U.S. airports has been called into question for its legal and technical problems.

US Consumers, Businesses Will Pay For Trump's Tariffs

The effects of Trump's trade war with China is costing Americans more money to purchase day-to-day consumer goods, and causing a large increase to taxes paid by the middle class.

New Senate Bill Would 'Solve' Family Separation By Detaining Them Together

As the old saying goes -- the family that's detained together, stays together.

Rumors Surface of Rod Rosenstein's Firing/Resignation

Conflicting reports surfaced that the deputy attorney general was resigning and that Trump was firing him. Rosenstein and Trump are set to meet on Thursday.

The US Gov't Can Legally Spy on Journalists. It Isn't Clear What the Rules Are.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder approved rules allowing the FBI to spy on reporters, a pair of recently released memos from 2015 has revealed.