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The End of Homelessness Starts in Finland

The government deems housing a basic right of all of the country's residents, even those with mental-health problems and addictions.

Many Americans are Going to Mexico for Affordable Health Care

As many as 6,000 Americans per day pass through the port of entry in Yuma, Arizona, to obtain medical services in Algodones, Mexico.

Air and Water: Trump's Impact on Environmental Damage

Fines totaled about $500 million annually, in inflation-adjusted terms, during the 20 years before Trump came into power. In 2018, they were just $72 million.

Private Prisons That Funded Trump Campaign Getting Rich Locking Up Immigrants

Jailing Latin American refugees is a profitable business, motivating private jails to keep new inmates.

IRS Increasingly Auditing the Poorest Americans Over Rich Individuals and Corporations

Investigations of America's wealthy individuals and corporations take resources and well-trained personnel; something the IRS is rapidly losing after years of declining budgets and staffing cuts.

Did Trump Campaign Illegally Conspire with NRA?

Trump's presidential campaign seems to have had a few too many coincidences with the NRA's marketing programs, leading some to believe there was an illegal partnership.

U.N. Ambassador Nominee Lacks Experience, Except on Fox News

Trump's new pick for the US Ambassador to the United Nations is a former news pundit, Heather Nauert, who many are worried will not fulfill the requirements for negotiations at the UN.

'Smart Toys' for Kids Pose the Next Great Challenge to Online Privacy Rights

A new wave of 'smart toys' targeted to children are worrying experts who say that they pose a host of privacy risks.

How Corporate Tax Cuts Hurt Public Schools

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) reported that, because of funding cuts resulting from the tax breaks, school districts laid off 351,000 employees between 2007 and 2012. At the same time, student enrollment was soaring.

Expenses Mount for Trump's Militarization of the Border

The deployment of 5,900 military personnel to stop the migrant caravan is being questioned by senators and taxpayers to determine if Trump's decision was warranted.