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The Irony Of Clinton's 'What Happened' Tour Escapes Her

The irony, of course, is that Clinton is perhaps the least qualified person to enlighten us on the causes of her 2016 electoral loss.

Dems Are Doubling Down On Their 2016 Tactics

Trump won because he put the American people first. The Democrats could learn a thing or two from him.

Trump's Tax Reform Won't Be A Repeat Of Healthcare

Everyone wants to keep more of the money they have earned, and therefore people on both sides of the aisle are more likely to view tax reform favorably.

Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Wall

President Trump may think a government shutdown will bring the GOP to the bargaining table, but it could also backfire significantly.

The Economist Paints Trump As A Racist

As long as outlets continue to blindly bash the President and publish outright lies, staunch supporters, like myself, will continue to speak out.

Calling Trump A Nazi-Sympathizer Will Not Work

Gianno Caldwell's indirect assertion of President Trump's supposed support for Nazis and white supremacists is just incorrect.

Newsweek Attacks Melania And Ivanka For Wearing High Heels

If one of Newsweek's liberal heroes were wearing high heels, we'd be treated to an article about female choice and empowerment. Where are the feminists now?

The Flaws Of Trump's Transgender Military Ban

Out of the countless issues in America, banning transgender people from serving in the military should not be on the list.

Judge Orders New investigation Into Hillary's Benghazi Emails

Whether Clinton is convicted or not is almost irrelevant. Judge Mehta made the right call, and the State Department should investigate to the best of their ability.

Biased SSRS Poll Tries To Show Low Trump Approval Rating

Despite the attempts by the mainstream media and deep state operatives, there is absolutely no unbiased poll or news outlet that can support these SSRS approval rating claims.