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Michelle Obama Trashes Women Who Voted For Trump

The irony of Obama telling pro-Trump women they “like the thing they're told to like” is beyond unbelievable.

GOP Fails On ACA Repeal Once Again

As a result of the GOP’s failure to make good on their promise to the American people, they should not be surprised if Americans vote them out of their current posts in 2018.

NFL Players Need To Stand For The National Anthem

The least NFL players can do is show the slightest bit of gratitude by standing and paying tribute to the sacrifices which allowed them to get to where they are today.

North Korea Accuses Trump of Declaring War

At this point, it’s difficult to believe that North Korea isn’t parodying themselves.

Trump Blocks Someone On Twitter, The Media Loses Their Minds

The President is not obligated to take endless abuse from anyone, regardless of whether or not they have cancer.

Manafort Wiretap: Was Trump Right All Along?

If the government is willing to wiretap the President’s campaign chairman, who won’t they wiretap?

No One Should Be Surprised By Low Emmy Ratings

At this point, the success or failure of Hollywood is up to them. Whether or not their ratings improve or worsen is entirely in their hands.

NY Times Reporter Equates Volunteer Work To Child Labor

The idea that the young Frank Giaccio was somehow being exploited by asking to mow the White House lawn is simply asinine.

Congress Isn't Interested In Reducing The National Debt

Trump needs a Congress that will help him in making hard, but much needed cuts to spending. If Congress won't help, we need to replace them.

Trump Hardens Stance On Travel Ban After London Train Attack

It is critical for America to learn from what is happening in London and other parts of the world so that we are not also victims of future terrorism.