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If Warren Is The 'Soul' Of The Democrats, They'll Lose In 2020

In many regards, Elizabeth Warren is either equally or more disliked that Hillary Clinton herself.

Why Adults Should Pay For Their Own Birth Control

Women who are angry about paying for birth control have a long way to go before becoming the strong, independent women they pretend to be.

Why Mitch McConnell Should Resign Immediately

McConnell’s inability to effectively execute is a serious liability in Congress.

Eminem's Unhinged Rap About President Trump

The man is infamous for his violent lyrics and highly questionable statements about women. Perhaps Eminem should look within before spewing a litany of expletives at the President.

Black Lives Matter Calls Liberalism 'White Supremacy'

College of William & Mary’s Black Lives Matter group took it upon themselves to shut down a Free Speech function organized by the ACLU.

Trump And Tillerson Are Fine, The Media Were Wrong

Do we the people now have to fact check every story given press due to the media’s unwillingness to do so?

Scalise Doubles Down On Support for Second Amendment

Scalise sat down with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum where he stated that his support for the Second Amendment has been “fortified" by his experience in June.

Las Vegas: Clinton Once Again Tries To Divide The Nation

The only person responsible for what happened in Las Vegas is Stephen Paddock.

John Kasich Says He Might Leave The GOP

RINOs like John Kasich are the reason the reason Republicans have struggled to pass much-needed legislation under Trump; he will not be missed.

House Republicans No Longer Trust The GOP Senate

The Senate’s inability to do their job and approve one of the multiple proposals that would have at least partially repealed Obamacare did not help their cause whatsoever.