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No, Merit-Based Immigration Isn't Racist

Unsurprisingly, the Democrats' perennial disdain for merit-based immigration can be traced back to the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Stop Using MLK's Name As A Convenient Political Tool

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s name shouldn't be something we turn to win petty political arguments.

Ivanka Gets Flack For Liking Oprah's Sexual Assault Speech

The criticisms of Ivanka Trump show how much sexual assault has been politicized in America.

Top House Conservatives Are Calling On Sessions To Resign

Republicans Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows have affirmed in an opinion piece for the Washington Examiner that the time has come for a new Attorney General.

Fake Signs Mock California's New 'Sanctuary State' Status

The signs, which were put up on the California border show the deep resentment from those who believe illegal immigration is encouraged by the new Sanctuary state status.

GOP Tax Bill Repeals The ACA's Individual Mandate

No American should be ordered by the government to either purchase something or pay a fine.

Ivanka Trump: GOP Tax Plan 'A Historic Win For Americans'

On Fox and Friends this morning Ivanka stumped for the GOP tax bill, explaining her view on why it's a win for American voters and businesses.

Moore Won't Concede, But AL Republicans Say Race Is Over

Roy Moore may not have accepted his loss, but thankfully Alabama Republicans have declared the Senate race officially over.

After Touting Success, VA Nearly Cuts Funds For Homeless Vets

Many people, including veterans advocates, HUD officials, and state officials, questioned the reason for the revocation of the housing program’s funding.

Should LaVar Ball Show Trump Some Appreciation?

It seems as though Ball cares more about getting in jabs at the president than he does about the return of his son from Chinese custody.