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There Are Plenty of Good Reasons to Vote for Joe Biden, But the Threat of More Violence is Not One of Them

If Biden triumphs over Trump and far-left provocateurs get the impression that their destructive actions in any way contributed to that result, they may very well feel validated and emboldened by it.

Breaking Down the Narratives Surrounding the Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting

Kyle Rittenhouse may not be a murderer, but he is most certainly not a hero.

Yes, America Still Needs the Republican Party

The question is whether the GOP is capable of being the party the country needs it to be.

The GOP Must Abandon the Candidacies of QAnon-Supporting Radicals

Though conceding any race to the opposition may seem counterintuitive, the future of the party is at stake.

Nothing Good Can Come From Protesting at the Private Homes of Public Servants and Their Families

It reflects poorly not just on the protesters themselves, but also on the movements that protesters purport to represent.

Democrats Need to Drop the Idea of Packing the Supreme Court

In the game of politics, any shortcut you create towards your goals is bound to be exploited by your opponents at some point in the future.

It's Time to Cut Kanye West Some Slack

Wealth, fame, and privilege do not render anyone invincible to the pain and misery that mental illness begets.

Sen. Hawley's Motives May Be Political, But He's Not Wrong About the NBA and China

As objectionable as the GOP’s perceived insincerity may be, they’re not wrong about the disturbing implications of the NBA’s intimate relationship with China.

In Defense of the Harper's Letter on Freedom of Expression

The letter has received attacks ranging from guilt by association to protection of privilege, but many critics are missing the point.

On Statues, Human Imperfection, and the Veneration of American Heroes

When we elevate historical figures to an almost godlike status, we make it that much harder to acknowledge, discuss, and learn from their failures and mistakes.