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Ben Shapiro Wants You to Know He Isn't Happy About 'Happiest Season'

Shapiro’s suggestion that the mere existence of this film is an affront to religious audiences echoes the logic occasionally employed by far-left activists to justify spurious accusations of cultural appropriation.

Jordan Peterson's Book Should Not Be "Canceled", Nor Should the Staffers Who Object to Its Publication

If you believe in the publishing industry as a conduit for the free exchange of ideas, you should applaud Penguin Random House Canada, not just for its decision to move forward with the publication of Jordan Peterson’s book, but also for respecting its staff members’ right to criticize that decision.

Accountability for Trump Officials Is All Well and Good, but Beware the Consequences of Witch Hunts

It’s always good to hold government officials accountable but using guilt by association as an excuse to make the life of every former Trump official impossibly difficult would be going too far.

With Trump's Defeat Comes an Opportunity to Bring Ethical, Inclusive Leadership Back to Washington

Biden must wage a two-front battle against both the right-wing radicals trying to push the GOP down a very dark path and the far-left activists clinging to the misconception that the conservative movement has devolved into a one-dimensional bastion of bigotry and bitterness.

A Friendly Reminder That French Secularism Is Not to Blame for Religious Terrorism

The right of the French people to communicate their thoughts and opinions about any religion must be protected at all costs.

Big Tech Censorship is a Problem, but Government Intervention is Not the Solution

The fact that Twitter has already changed its hacked content policy is proof enough that consumer backlash is still the most effective weapon against Big Tech.

Republicans Should Be Feeling Pretty Darn Good About Amy Coney Barrett Right Now

Barrett's stellar performance in no way absolves the GOP of their hypocrisy, but it might mollify some who believe her nomination necessitates packing the court.

President Trump's Response to the White House Outbreak Shows You Exactly Who He Is

Trump's handling of the outbreak is a reminder that his priorities have always been and will always be dictated by his ego.

Here Is What Will Happen if Trump Loses the Election and Refuses to Accept the Results

He will be removed from office.

In Critique of Maria Taylor, Jason Whitlock Misses the Forest for the Trees

The sports media industry has for years been handing out cushy gigs to legacy hires and former professional athletes who had much less experience in broadcasting than Taylor did when she took over Countdown .