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In Defense of the Harper's Letter on Freedom of Expression

  • D.A. Kirk
  • Jul 11, 2020 12:21PM

The letter has received attacks ranging from guilt by association to protection of privilege, but many critics are missing the point. 

On Statues, Human Imperfection, and the Veneration of American Heroes

  • D.A. Kirk
  • Jun 27, 2020 1:00PM

When we elevate historical figures to an almost godlike status, we make it that much harder to acknowledge, discuss, and learn from their failures and mistakes. 

As COVID-19 Infections Surge, America's Leaders Struggle to Preserve Their Credibility

  • D.A. Kirk
  • Jun 20, 2020 12:00PM

It may very well be that there simply isn’t anyone left who is prepared to embrace that role and possesses sufficient credibility to win the nation’s trust.

Health Care Experts Don't Get to Decide What Constitutes a Legitimate Protest

  • D.A. Kirk
  • Jun 13, 2020 12:05PM

COVID-19 should not be wielded as a political club on Americans' rights to peaceably assemble.  

Believing in the Afterlife Doesn't Mean Religious People Have A Death Wish

  • D.A. Kirk
  • May 30, 2020 12:14PM

Your valuation of human life is almost certainly dependent upon hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of variables. The belief in an afterlife, or lack thereof, may indeed be one of those variables. But nothing more than that.

President Trump's Mistakes Do Not Absolve China of its Responsibility for the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • D.A. Kirk
  • May 23, 2020 12:04PM

Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic cost lives, but China’s mishandling of the pandemic almost certainly cost many more, perhaps even by orders of magnitude.

Ahmaud Arbery's Past Mistakes Do Not Justify the Vigilantism That Led to His Death

  • D.A. Kirk
  • May 16, 2020 12:07PM

If we embrace the idea that the value of human life is permanently diminished by each and every mistake that we make,  we must necessarily concede that many of us are just as deserving. 

When it Comes to the Internet, Chinese Practices are Neither Desirable Nor Inevitable

  • D.A. Kirk
  • May 2, 2020 12:22PM

A response to Jack Goldsmith and Andrew Keane Woods. 

America Needs Dr. Fauci, and so Does President Trump

  • D.A. Kirk
  • Apr 18, 2020 12:09PM

If any of Dr. Fauci’s or President Trump’s critics manage to drive an immovable wedge between the two men, absolutely nothing good will come from it.

Dear Media: Toxic “Bernie Bros” Do Not Speak for the Average Sanders Voter

  • D.A. Kirk
  • Mar 7, 2020 12:52PM

Do anecdotal stories of online harassment tell us that much about the average Sanders voter? The answer, I believe, is no.