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Trump's Threats Are Helping Hard-Liners In Iran

Trump is playing Checkers, while Iran is playing Chess.

Lebanon's Syrian Refugees Linger In Limbo

The situation in Lebanon is spiraling out of control, with many inside the country hoping for a stabilized Syria sooner rather than later.

Explaining Turkey's Worsening Relationship With The U.S.

Over the past week, the relations between the United States and Turkey, a key regional and NATO ally, devolved into a tit-for-tat exchange over non-immigrant visas.

Trump's Combative Approach To Iran Will Hurt Moderates

Iran's moderates have won key political victories in the last year, but Trump's position on the deal puts their progress in jeopardy.

America Is Complicit In The Collapse Of Yemen

The conflict has become bloodier than the Syrian civil war, and the US is supplying the military hardware.

Trump Lacks The Support To Get Out Of The Iran Deal

Lacking general support at the international level would ruin US national security interests by demonstrating the US is not a reliable partner or negotiator.

Iraqi Kurdistan: Independence Done Wrong

In the end, the referendum could have set the Kurds back decades economically and politically, while also sowing the seeds for another conflict in the region.