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Toronto Police Monitored Black Lives Matter In 2016, But That's Not Unique

Toronto police have long used social media monitoring a tactic that is not without legitimate ethical question. It is wrong to call it a racial practice, however.

Canadian Supreme Court Fails To 'Free The Beer' In Controversial Ruling

Only in Canada would a man trying to buy beer spark debate across the country and a controversial ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC).

Trudeau Needs To Get Off The Fence On Trans Mountain Pipeline

The infighting between the NDP governments of Alberta and British Columbia has reached childish levels - Trudeau needs to take decisive action.

Ontario Party Leader Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The allegations moved swiftly against Ontario Conservative Party Leader Patrick Brown, and may jeopardize the party's chances of winning the election this July.

Ontario Wage Hike: Anyone Who Claims To Know What Will Happen Is Lying

No matter what side of the minimum wage debate you are on, you can find studies to support your position. The truth is a 21% wage hike is unprecedented, and we don't know what will happen.

Former Taliban Hostage Joshua Boyle Arrested And Charged

Though many speculated there was more to the Boyles' Afghanistan hostage story, these recent string of charges adds more questions than answers.

Kinder Morgan: Canada Shows Short-Term Thinking On Energy

The federal government and NEB are content to power through in a desperate attempt to create jobs without any regard for long-term effects.

Canadian Hostage Story Is Bizarre And Full Of Red Flags

Though the return of the Boyle's to Canada is a good thing, there are quite a few things about Joshua Boyle's statements and past that leave unanswered questions.

Ontario Gov't Monopolizing Weed Like It Did With Alcohol

Thanks for taking excitement and logic out of weed legalization, Ontario government. You'll have to excuse me if I continue to buy from my own dealer.

Canada Is Not Ready For A Haitian Refugee Crisis

If the current rate of asylum claimants continues to climb, it will take 11 years for the Immigration Review Board to adjudicate a claim filed this year.