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Arab Nations Cut Ties With Qatar For 'Support Of Terror'

Seven Arab nations have cut ties with Qatar, leading many Americans to wonder whether this is a Saudi Arabian power play in the region, or an attempt to look tough on terror.

Hillary Clinton Now Blames The DNC For Her Electoral Loss

For Clinton to blame the DNC for her loss is laughable. Instead of running a fair contest as promised, the DNC went out of its way to ensure that Hillary Clinton clinched the nomination.

Trump's Paris Climate Plans Will Hurt Everyone

Much of the upcoming damage from global warming is inevitable, and pretending there’s not a problem will lead to real deaths and job losses thirty years from now.

NATO: Are We Seeing The Start Of A Rift With Europe?

If NATO allies become standoffish toward the U.S., expect the Democrats to have a field day portraying Trump as the buffoon who hastily destroyed the most vaunted military alliance in history.

Trump Plans To Balance His Budget By Selling Public Assets

Today, the government builds and maintains most roads, we rely on government police, and we send our kids to public schools… and there is a reason for that.

Will UK Terror Attack Affect Trump's Comments On NATO?

When in Europe, Trump should seize the opportunity to temper some of his more controversial proposals.

DeVos' School Choice Speech Couldn't Come At A Worse Time

Trump’s most controversial appointee is being trotted out on Monday to deliver a speech supporting the most controversial mainstream initiative the GOP has cooked up in recent memory.

Trump: 'No Politician In History' Has Been Treated More Unfairly

It will be hard for Trump’s supporters to keep mocking liberal “snowflakes” when their own leader is having meltdowns left and right.

Trump Shares Classified Intel With Russia

Trump routinely blasted Hillary Clinton for mishandling intelligence during the presidential campaign, but this latest incident shows he may be no better.

Sanitizing History: New Orleans Removes Confederate Statues

Removing harmful images of our past prevents us from learning from our collective mistakes, and may strengthen the supporters of ideas by invigorating those who thrive under a persecution complex.