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North Korea Tests First Successful ICBM

The North Korean dictatorship has achieved is long sought after goal of building a working ICBM, only time will tell how they plan to use it.

Trump Supports Charlie Gard, But Not Your Healthcare

Conservatives argue "death panels" are inhumane yet fail to realize the ironic similarities to our own system dependent on insurance giants and private wealth.

Study: School Vouchers Not The "Quick Fix" Supporters Hoped

Two studies exploring initiatives in Indiana and Louisiana show voucher recipients need an average of 3-4 years in private school to show mild academic gains.

Has The GOP Finally Had Enough Of Trump's Tweets?

Trump's latest Twitter tirade against journalist Mika Brzezinski and Morning Joe has even his party faithful criticizing him.

Missouri Church Playground Case Sets Slippery Precedent

State funds should only be used in cases where facilities are open to the public. In the case of Trinity Lutheran Church, even indirect funding could be tantamount to a subsidy of religious activity.

Can Trump Win Over GOP Senators On Healthcare?

Donald Trump will have to win over at least three of five outspoken Republican Senators to assure the passage of his promised healthcare reform.

Tweets Over Speeches: How Trump Responds To Tragedy

It’s one of the most dramatic foreign policy stories in decades: A young, handsome U.S. college student...

Joe Biden Wants Mitt Romney To Run For The Senate

The era of Trump, it seems, has made Democrats nostalgic for a world of moderate Republicans.

Comey: Not The Smoking Gun The Media Planned For

Media hyped Comey’s testimony endlessly, all but promising the former FBI director would sink Trump’s presidency. In reality, this looks like a win for Trump.

ISIS Attack On Iran Complicates U.S. Position In Middle East

Trump's mission to destroy ISIS has become further complicated this week as Shiite Iran now has a greater incentive to stay militarily involved in Syria.