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Rhode Island Joins Ranks Of 'Free College' States

Republicans will be reluctant to embrace the program at first, but when the cost is reflected in saving on social spending programs and improved job outcomes, it will be hard to argue.

Tomi Lahren On Parents' Health Insurance Thanks To ACA

Lahren’s inadvertent admission: Many Republican voters rely on Obamacare, perhaps in ways they have not fully realized.

Schumer Criticizes Clinton Amidst Democratic Rift

The progressives and the moderates inside the Democratic party are both vying for control over the party's direction.

What Was Trump Thinking At The Boy Scouts Jamboree?

Trump's unnecessary politicking are a sign that even our most cherished institutions can't remain good natured and nonpartisan.

Will The Jane Sanders Scandal Hurt Bernie's 2020 Chances?

Establishment Democrats who bemoan the financial scandal seem to be forgetting their insistence that Hillary Clinton's candidacy not be focused on the actions of her husband.

Will O.J. Simpson's Parole Spark Another National Divide?

Expect O.J. Simpson's release to produce mixed reactions about the meaning of "innocent until proven guilty," and the societal treatment of ex-cons.

Irony: McCain Needs Tax Funded Care Before Healthcare Vote

It's worth pointing out that a man who may vote to repeal healthcare coverage for millions of Americans has been the beneficiary of tax funded care his whole life.

Will Cruz's Healthcare Changes Win Over GOP Holdouts?

It's round three for Trump's contentious 'Repeal and Replace' plan, and it looks like some of the dissenters are starting to come around.

Chicago: No Post High School Plans? No Diploma!

For a city where dropout rates are among the highest in the country, this seems like a questionable move.

Trump Still Won't Let The Popular Vote Go

Almost 6 months later and despite the conclusions of multiple studies, Trump is still pushing the narrative that millions of illegal voters are what cost him the 2016 popular vote.