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Trump Sides With Dems On Debt Ceiling Decision

The decision puts both Republicans and Democrats alike in a tough spot, but no one has it worse than Paul Ryan.

Is Kamala Harris Trying To be The Next Bernie Sanders?

Her strategy could work, but if her words and deeds make her political positioning appear more opportunistic than honest, those same voters will demand that Sanders himself run in 2020.

Comey Allegations: Dems Need To Move Away From Clinton

If moderate and independent voters are reminded why they couldn’t stand about Hillary Clinton and her reputation as a political insider, they may swing Republican in the midterms.

Ted Cruz's Hypocritical Stance On Hurricane Relief Funds

Ted Cruz voted against relief for Hurricane Sandy in 2012, because supposedly the bill was "full of pork."

Harvey: How Will Trump Handle His First Presidential Crisis?

As a Texan, I am willing to give Donald Trump, a man I loathe, a chance to prove his mettle in helping my state recover from the disaster of Hurrican Harvey.

Is Trump Just Going To Campaign for The Next Four Years?

Unless conservatives in Congress unite and offer fealty to Trump, he is likely to spend much of his time canvassing friendly states in order to bask in adulation.

History Is Not On The Side Of Trump's Afghanistan Policy

In a move that is sure to alienate Trump from his populist base, Trump is finding little support for his decision to send more troops into Afghanistan.

Texas Abortion Bill Is A Blight On The State

Greg Abbott, you and your cronies in Austin just gave Texas one heck of a black eye.

Trump's Confederate Statue Comments Raise Tensions

Trump's comments about Confederate statues are likely to further animate the alt-right, and they both stand to gain from the attention.

Sen. Ron Johnson: McCain Tumor Caused Healthcare 'No' Vote

It is not mental impairment to think that the United States should have the type of healthcare enjoyed by the entire rest of the industrialized world.