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Will Sanctuary Cities Shake Up Congress in 2018?

It’s gonna be ugly, folks, and incumbents of both parties could be voted out of office in record numbers over it.

Military Operation: Trump’s Slip of the Tongue Should Worry Us

When the military is doing 75 percent of federal law enforcement and constantly patrolling both borders, will we still call Donald Trump “president”…or something else?

Dean Complicates DNC Chair Race With Buttigieg Nomination

It would seem that Dean would be backing Perez for DNC chair, but he is instead arguing that Democrats find a leader from “outside the Beltway.”

Will Trump Put Troops In Syria To Deliver On Defeating ISIS?

The decision to advance the fight against ISIS will rest with President Donald Trump, who made the total destruction of the Middle Eastern terrorist organization a key pillar of his 2016 presidential campaign.

Will The Early Flynn Resignation Erode GOP Patience With Trump?

Michael Flynn has used up the last Republican goodwill in Trump’s already-small tank, and running on empty will have major ramifications for the Trump White House in the upcoming months.

Sanders Wins Healthcare Debate, Shows GOP Has No Plan

If the duo should ever meet again in a presidential debate, my money’s on Sanders to notch a second win.

Cruz and Sanders Kick Off The Fight For 2018 and 2020

Sanders has been practicing his health care stump speech a lot longer than Ted Cruz.

Trump Fires Attorney General: Feud With The Bureaucracy?

The raw animosity, both in Yates’ open refusal to support her boss’ executive order and in Trump’s termination of her employment, reveals a growing rift between the White House and its vast executive branch.

Antagonizing Mexico Will Likely Cause Losses Instead Of Gains

The president wants to build a wall, and he still wants Mexico to pay for it.

Kushner's Role In the White House Might Plant The Seeds Of Dynasty

In an ironic twist, it may turn out that President Trump will be more of a dynasty-builder than Bill and Hillary could ever hope to be.